About Us

Northwest Nonprofit Notes began in 2012 as a conversation between Seattle-based consulting colleagues Emily Anthony and Julie Edsforth. During and after each project we would reflect upon how it went, what we learned, and how we might adjust our approach in the future. Those conversations always included a lot of laughing, occasionally a little ranting, and on our better days maybe even some insight that we could put to good use.

We wanted a way to share and expand those conversations beyond ourselves, to make it more inclusive of the diverse perspectives of a broadly-defined community of nonprofit practitioners – recognizing that this includes all of the key volunteers, dedicated staff members, passionate board members, and skilled consultants who dedicate themselves to the field in a variety of ways.

Thus, Northwest Nonprofit Notes was born with a handful of articles aimed at offering a point of view on best approaches and practical tips based upon our learned and lived experience.

In 2015 we invited some trusted consulting colleagues to contribute articles of their own – thereby expanding the scope of topics covered to include everything from managing conflict to major gifts to executive transitions. We aim to publish new content three to four times a year, and invite readers to share their own learnings via submitting a comment.

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